Business Practices

Where you live in the country will help you in determining pricing for volume lashing. You may want to keep pricing the same for the first coupe of weeks or even months for your clients, and just practice your volume technique on them until you get comfortable. Communicate with your client that you are learn- ing a new technique that is more time consuming, and eventually your prices will reflect that. You don't need to remove all the classic style lashes to start with full set of volume, all you need to do is just start doing your fills with volume. In my salon there is a $150 difference between classic full set and volume full set. There is a $60 difference between classic fills and volume fills. It is figured to raise prices 30 -40% more for Volume Technique as it will take more time and more product. We can discuss pricing in your area, and local competition as well.

I can't stress enough the importance of having your own lashes done. This is a MUST!!! Either find someone to barter with and lash each other which is best of course, or find someone and book the ap- pointment and pay to get them done! Don't be cheap with this either, your experience in having them and getting them done will be priceless. You now can relate with your clients and have a complete other perspective on the service it self. Don't have the excuse you can't find someone or you don't have the time. This is the career choice you made and to be great at what you do I always feel " Do onto yourself, as you do to others."

We will also discuss best business practices. If you are a practicing lash artist already, you probably al- ready have generic consent forms and client history paperwork that you use. You can adjust those for Volume. We can also discuss some marketing strategies and social media forums and groups that can benefit you in business. I also want to go over various products and how you can get quality supplies for good pricing.

Most importantly, I would like to support you as you expand your business. My studio has an open door policy that my students can always return and practice and receive correction on technique they have learned. I am always available for questions or problems, and I can even Skype with you if you are un- available to return to the studio.

Practice, practice practice is only way to become successful at volume lashing. Take your time, pay at- tention to the details, and practice as much as you can. That will be the key to your success.