Tools To Worth With

Using the correct tools are an integral part of your volume lash- ing success. Tools used in volume lashing include, lashes, tweez- ers, eyepads, tape, primers, flocked applicators, mascara wands, nebulizers and most importantly adhesives.

One of the most important tools you will need is a great pair of magnifiers. Regardless if you have 20/20 vision, you are working with sharp tweezers and very fine eyelash hairs that can be very light colored. You may think you have great vision and can see everything clearly, but once you put on some sort of magnifiers or reading glasses you will now understand exactly what I am talking about. They can be very low magnification and that is ok but you will now be able to see every little hair and in this service you need to be able to see every little detail. You have to fo- cus on the tiny details, it's what this whole service is about. Tweezers are another extremely important part of lashing. It can be the smallest drop to the floor that can completely ruin a good pair of tweezers. When choosing a tweezer that you want to work with it is important that you feel comfortable holding it in different positions, so that you can avoid hand fatigue. Some people use a pair of both straight and curved tweezers, de- pending on the application. Make sure which ever tweezer you do use for Volume Technique that the first 2-3mm of the tip is 100% flush and even with no gaps at all. This will insure a perfect pick up of the multiple lashes at once without them falling out. Personally I feel the smaller the hook with more of an angle works best. Being able to have complete control of the TENSION of tweezer is the most important skill to being successful.